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5 ways to speed up your Windows 8

Have you using Windows 8, and do you want to keep it run at good status all the time? The tips in this article can help you keep your windows 8 system robust and make your windows 8 run more better and faster.

1. Add more memory to your computer. In Windows 8 system, more then 4G more memory will make your Windows 8 run freely. If you have enough memory, you can config your windows 8 system to use memory as virtual disk.

2. Stop the services you doesn’t need or the system doesn’t require. The service will run as the system starts, and it will use the CPU and memory which will slow down the system.

3. Don’t put the file to the system partition if is not necessary. The system need a large free disk space use as virtual memory. If the disk space it need is not enough or have lots of fragment, the system will crash down or run slowly.

4. Try your best to cool down your computer. When the temperature is higher then a setting temperature, the CPU will shut down or decrease its frequency to protect itself.

5. Close the program you don’t use. Each running program will take cpu and memory, or network resources, some will use CPU or hard drive all the time that will definitely  slow down your computer.

6. Reboot your windows if it has run for several days. When you windows runs for a long time, it will make great mount of memory fragment which will slow down the performance of your computer.

7. Replace your low speed hard drive to a higher speed hard drive or SSD. A higher speed storage media can lets your system starts and closes in a few second. Moreover, the program can get a great deal of advantage from the high speed i/o.

8. Change the low speed CPU to a high performance CPU if you have enough money. CPU is the core of a computer. It is the most important factor which determines the performance of a computer.

9. Do Disk Defragmenter every month. The disk fragment will also slow down your computer performance. Defragment your disks so your computer runs faster and more effectively.

10. If you are a game player, a high performance is very important for you to enjoy the game, so change it if it is possible.

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