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Have difficulty in booting my Windows 8 computer from password reset disk

I downloaded the software and made both a cd and usb and then went to my gateway into BIOS mode and changed the boot order and neither when I did CD or USB did it start from those drives, instead went into Windows 8 and to my password (that I forgot) screen.

I am planning to purchase it now for the $1000 (it’s in the shopping cart ready to go) but want to confirm that the trial version is not starting up on the locked machine because it is the trial version and not something wrong with the locked machine all together and if I purchase it now it should work as planned to reset my windows 8 password.

I’m sorry I don’t understand. The trial is NOT booting on the Locked machine. I have the usb in and have set the bios setup to boot from removable device. I still get to windows 8 login screen, not your screen… is that normal?

I really want to buy your app to reset Windows 8 password but when I make a disc, whether USB or CD, on my working windows 7 machine and then put it in the Windows 8 locked machine (Gateway) and then change the BIOS boot up to CD/DVD, the locked machine is still starting up Windows 8 and not starting the DVD I burn. I want to confirm I can make this work before buying obviously and really would appreciate help to get this fixed.

I have no way of getting a screen shot as the machine is locked
I can not set it to boot with USB only cd/DVD and I am definitely saving the bios settings as they appear correct the next time I go back in. It seems the DVD is not being made bootable. Is there someway to ensure the cd or DVD I am making with your software is being made bootable before I try it?
When i tried with an older thumb drive I set the bios to removable drive but it did not so anything either and just started windows 8.

1. Please make sure that you have create a password reset disk correctly. You should use our software to create a password reset disk, but not copy it to USB or CD disk directly.
Steps as follow:
1. Insert USB or CD/DVD disk.
2. Select Media: USB drive or CD/DVD.
3. Click Begin burning to create a password reset disk.
More information:http://www.windowspasswordsreset.com/how-to-reset-windows-8-password-if-forgot-it.html

2. When power on your computer, press F12 to enter BOOT MENU Option, and then select CD/DVD-ROM or USB flash drive to boot.

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