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Can’t Boot my Laptop from Password Reset Disk

I downloaded the Daossoft Windows Password Rescuer Personal software to my computer and then burned it to a USB. I am trying to recover a HP computer running Vista Home Premium password. I put the USB into the HP and powered up the system. Holding down the F2 and/or Delete key did not give me an option for booting from the USB. Holding the F10 key allowed me to get to System Configuration and select boot options. Under Boot Options I selected “USB Hard Drive” hit enter then F10. Got screen for “setup Configuration” Save configuration changes and exit now? Hit enter to select yes. System rebooted, got the enter password for power on. Entered the password for power on and the next screen was the screen to enter the password for windows Vista Home Premium. Which is the screen that asks for the password that I do not have.

Am I doing something wrong or is the software not working.  I reloaded the software onto the USB a second time just in case I got a bad load the first time.  Same results.


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  • Spower says:

    I think you did something wrong to use the software.
    The correct step as follow:
    1. downloaded and install Spower Windows Password Reset in your windows.
    2. Insert USB to your computer and run Spower Windows Password Reset.
    3. When our software run, choose USB Device, and then click Begin Burning to make a USB boot disk.
    4. Then you can boot your computer from the USB disk to rest the password.

  • Tom says:

    I did the steps you recommended. I downloaded the software to my computer, then opened the software and burned it to a USB. The software said the burn was successful. I then took the USB to the computer I wanted to reset the password on and plugged it into the USB port and turned on the computer. When the computer booted up it came to the logon screen and asked for the password.

  • Spower says:

    You can try the following ways to fix the problem:

    1. Go into BIOS and change the boot setting from UEFI only to Compatible mode.

    2. Get the new version of Spower software which support UEFI boot and the MBR boot.


  • Tom says:

    Thanks a lot. Have used the new software to fix the problem.

  • Seoser says:

    I have problem in booting my surface from USB disk. Can you help?

  • cheapseoservices.co says:

    Keep my laptop work great!

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