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Forgot admin password windows 7 – How to Reset?

“I forgot my admin password on my Windows 7 laptop, and I cannot get into my computer without password. I have no idea what to do to remove or reset my password. Help please! Thanks in advance.” – Jenny, from Microsoft MSDN community. Forgot admin password on windows 7? Is it big trouble for you?  […]


How to get around Windows 7 password if forgot it

Are you facing a problem that forgot windows 7 login password and looking for an easy way to get around the password. If yes, keep your eye here, and keep reading. This article focus on how to reset or recover a windows 7 login password when forgot it. If you forgot password and you are […]


Chntpw doesn’t work on my windows 7 computer how to do?

Question: “Help. doesn’t work on my windows 7 computer. A few days ago, I forgot my password to my windows 7 laptop , and I use Chntpw to change or remove my login password offline. Every time, after removing my log on password and  I reboot my computer to log on screen, it still asks […]


How to access computer when forgot password

How to access computer when forgot password and locked out of computer? This article will tall you what to do to fix the problem. Compare with system crashing and hard disk crashing, forgetting computer login password is not a terrible thing. You have many ways to fix the issue and can still access your computer […]


I forgot the password to my computer what do i do?

“How to get into computer if I forgot my password to my computer? My system is Windows 7. I don’t have a reset disk and I don’t want to format my hard drive and reinstall Windows. Very appreciated for your help.” – Question from Ask.com. Forgot password to computer and cannot get in your computer […]