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Windows server 2008 password reset for HP/DELL/IBM/LENOVO raid server

This post shows you how to recover windows server 2008 administrator password on HP/DELL/IBM/Lenovo raid server. 1. Get the Raid version of  Windows server 2008 password recovery software: http://www.windowspasswordsreset.com/windows-password-reset-guide/windows-password-reset-raid-guide.html. 2. Use the password software to create a USB or CD/DVD password boot disk. 3. Boot HP/DELL/IBM/LENOVO raid server from the password disk. Tips: The raid […]


Windows 2003 administrator password reset on Dell RAID Server

This is email communication via which I helped my customer to reset his windows server 2003 administrator on Dell Raid Server. Hello we got hacked yesterday I have a Dell poweredge server 840 with a scsi raid mirror interface. I don’t mind buying the software if it will work. I tried 3 trial versions of […]


Windows Server Password Questions and Answers

The original trial version had the ability to make bootable usb drives, the software you sent me to download does not have this capability. Any help would be appreciated. About 2 weeks ago I had downloaded your Windows Password Reset Special software in hopes of getting it to reset my Windows Domain Password on a […]


Commandline tool to reset windows xp admin password

Need a command line tool to reset windows xp administrator password? Get pwdreset.exe and follow the guide below: Misys” is the trade name of the Misys group of companies. This email and any attachments have been scanned for known viruses using multiple scanners. This email message is intended for the named recipient only. It may […]


Server 2008 r2 password Reset not working

Dear Support I’ve gone through all the steps to reset my domain administrator password using the special edition, and when i boot back into windows normally, the new password did not work. Any thoughts on this. We really need this software to do what it says its doing. My domain is a Server 2008 R2 […]


How to reset password on windows server 2008 (r2) Raid

Tips to reset administrator password on windows server 2008 r2 raid server. Many software and ways can reset a windows login password on a common desktop and laptop computer, but they do not work with a Windows Raid server. With Raid Controller driver, lots of software cannot access to the data on Raid disk. This […]