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2 Ways to Create a Password 10 reset disk on another computer

Forgot windows 10 password and locked out of windows 10?  Here shows you 2 way to create a Windows 10 password reset disk on another Windows computer or Mac computer. Create a Windows setup disk on another computer. Create a password reset disk on another Windows computer or Mac computer. 1. Create a Windows setup disk on another […]



How to recover domain administrator password on Windows Server 2012

Forgetting your Windows Server 2012 password is always troublesome, but fortunately there are simple ways to reset your domain administrator password. I have come up with two methods to recover domain administrator on Windows Server 2012. Now I would like to share these two methods with you. 1. Recover domain admin password with Command Prompt […]


Forgot admin password windows 7 – How to Reset?

“I forgot my admin password on my Windows 7 laptop, and I cannot get into my computer without password. I have no idea what to do to remove or reset my password. Help please! Thanks in advance.” – Jenny, from Microsoft MSDN community. Forgot admin password on windows 7? Is it big trouble for you?  […]


How to reset Windows 7 password on Mac

I am trying to use my mac to get into my windows 7. I forgot my password right after changing. Can you help me reset my windows 7 administrator password with my Mac book? Answer: Hello, you can download the file http://www.windowspasswordsreset.com/downloads/windows-password-reset-for-mac-trial.iso, and then follow the guide How to reset or recover windows password on Mac […]


How to reset password on HP elitebook 6930p

Question: I have an old HP elitebook 6930p running windows 7 enterprise. This is an old work computer of my husbands and I want to clean it up and use it run some card games. He cannot remember the password and there is not admin account. Which version of your software would I need to […]


How to reset administrator password with USB drive if forgot it

This post shows you how to reset or recover administrator password with USB flash drive when you forgot your windows administrator password. 1. Download Spower Windows Password Reset and install it to your computer. 2. Create a Spower Password Reset disk with Spower software. Insert USB flash drive or CD/DVD disc, and then follow the […]


What to do if I forgot my windows vista password?

What to do if I forgot my windows vista password? This is a question usually being asked on forums. When this issue happen to you, what you can do to fix it? In this post, I will show you the best answers which are collected from the forums all over the internet to help you […]


Windows 8 ultimate password recovery

I forgot my administrator password to my Windows 8 ultimate on my new Dell Inspiron. Now I cannot open my Dell laptop without password. I asked Microsoft tech-support for help. They told me to reset the lost password with windows 8 password reset disk, but i don’t have a password reset disk. I want to […]


How to use Net User command to change windows 8 password

Need to create, change or delete windows 8 user password? In this article, I will show you how to use Net User command to create, change or delete windows 8 password. From Windows NT to Windows 8, Net User command is a useful, easy-to-use and effective command for managing windows password. In windows xp or […]


Windows 7 starter forgot password, how to recover with usb?

Windows 7 starter forgot password, and have no reset disk? How to recover the lost password with USB drive? My laptop is hp mini, which have no CD/DVD drive. – This is a password question asked by yahoo answer member. Here I also show workable ways to solve the problem when you forgot password on […]


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