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Forgotten Laptop password recovery

Forgot login password to your laptop? And cannot get into your laptop to get your job working? Don’t upset. And don’t make a decision that format hard drive and reinstall operating system immediately. This article shows you a way to recover laptop login password with windows password reset software, which will help you solve the […]


Commandline tool to reset windows xp admin password

Need a command line tool to reset windows xp administrator password? Get pwdreset.exe and follow the guide below: Misys” is the trade name of the Misys group of companies. This email and any attachments have been scanned for known viruses using multiple scanners. This email message is intended for the named recipient only. It may […]


Questions about Windows Server 2008 password reset

This page shows questions which you may come across when using Spower Windows Password Reset (SWPR) to reset windows server 2008 administrator password. Questions: 1. Does Spower Windows Password Reset software support Windows Server 2008 r2 enterprise? A: Yes. Spower Windows Password Reset Ultimate & Special Edition support Windows Server 2008 r2 standard, Windows Server […]


Server 2008 r2 password Reset not working

Dear Support I’ve gone through all the steps to reset my domain administrator password using the special edition, and when i boot back into windows normally, the new password did not work. Any thoughts on this. We really need this software to do what it says its doing. My domain is a Server 2008 R2 […]


How do i download windows password reset program when i cannot get on my own computer?

Dear Support, I recently purchased the Windows password reset for my acer laptop. I cannot get onto my acer so i had to use my boyfriends laptop. I received the email with the download for the password reset. How do i get the download when i cannot get on my own computer? Dear Tina, Steps […]


How to reset password on windows server 2008 (r2) Raid

Tips to reset administrator password on windows server 2008 r2 raid server. Many software and ways can reset a windows login password on a common desktop and laptop computer, but they do not work with a Windows Raid server. With Raid Controller driver, lots of software cannot access to the data on Raid disk. This […]


Spower Windows Password Reset Raid is released on today

Six years earlier, when the first version of Spower Windows Password Reset was released, it only supported windows 2000, xp and 2003 password resetting. In the past few years, we add many features to Spower Windows Password Reset, which supports windows 7, vista and 2008 on version Now a newest version call Spower Windows […]


Hello world!

Welcome to blog of Windows Password Reset. This blog will show you news and software about windows and windows login password. 1. This is a blog shows you the release news of windows password reset software. 2. This is a blog shows you easy and simple password recovery solutions for recovering lost password when forget. […]


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