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Ophcrack doesn’t work on windows 7 and win 8, how do i do?

“I forgot my windows 8 password on my laptop, and i created a Ophcrack live CD to boot my computer. The boot CD booted my computer successfully, but it said “No Windows partition found”. What can i do to fix this problem or any other software work on my computer to recover my login password? […]


I forgot the password to my computer what do i do?

“How to get into computer if I forgot my password to my computer? My system is Windows 7. I don’t have a reset disk and I don’t want to format my hard drive and reinstall Windows. Very appreciated for your help.” – Question from Ask.com. Forgot password to computer and cannot get in your computer […]


Macbook Forgot Windows 7 Password

“I have a Mac book, and I installed double system on it. One is Mac OS X, and the another is windows 7 ultimate. However, I forgot my login password for my Windows 7. Does somebody can tell me how to recover my windows 7 login password on my Macbook? Thanks in advance.” – Question […]


Locked out of windows 7 forgot password?

“I locked out of Windows 7 forgot password, and now i cannot get in to my Windows 7. I need to get in to my windows and replay email to my customer immediately. I have try to use many password software recover my windows 7 administrator password, but none of them works. All of them […]


How to recover win 7 password | Win 7 password reset disk

Forgot win 7 admin password, and was locked out of windows 7? And are you looking for  recovery solutions to recover win 7 password? Don’t upset. Keep reading, and you will get right way to solve your problem. If you set a new password to your win 7 user account, and you do not use […]


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Windows Server 2003 domain administrator password recovery

Windows Server 2003 domain administrator password recovery problems and solutions. Problem: I keep receiving this error message: “INF File txtsetup.sif is corrupt or missing, status 14. Setup cannot continue. Press any key to exit.” The machine I need to recover cannot boot from CDRom, but I did test this on a few machines where the […]


How to unlock Windows 8 Password if lost it

“I forgot my windows 8 password, and I cannot get into it without a password. What can i do to unlock my windows 8 password? Help, please! I know the way that reinstall system can solve the problem, but i don’t want to do that for the reason that I don’t want to make any […]


How to Reset bypass Windows 8 Password

This post shows how to reset or bypass Windows 8 password with Spower password software when forgot login password for Windows 8. 1. Reset lost password for Windows 8 with Spower Software. When forgot login password and cannot login windows 8, a easy resolve way is to use Spower password to reset its password, which […]


Lenovo thinkpad laptop password reset/recovery

Forgot Lenovo Thinkpad loptop password? And cannot get into your Windows? Here shows you how to recover the login password for Windows xp/win7/win8 on Thinkpad laptop. <1> Reset Thinkpad laptop password with windows password reset disk. If you have a password reset disk, just use it to reset a new password for the locked account. […]


How to reset Windows 7 password on Mac

I am trying to use my mac to get into my windows 7. I forgot my password right after changing. Can you help me reset my windows 7 administrator password with my Mac book? Answer: Hello, you can download the file http://www.windowspasswordsreset.com/downloads/windows-password-reset-for-mac-trial.iso, and then follow the guide How to reset or recover windows password on Mac […]


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