Wiindows Password Reset software & solutions

Help to disable and enable Windows 7/vista/xp user with software

And thanks – you saved me many an hour in pulling teeth from my client who kept coming back with the most insane password combinations. (at 12 midnight no less!)

Also, a request for the new versions – check bits like Austrumi, allowing to enable a disabled account without resetting the pass code, etc.

We will add these functions to our software, and send you a new program within 24 hours.

No worries – take a few months. No hurry. Are you familiar with the Astrumi iso? if not, I can zap over their last .iso so you could see the options – it’s quite basic but would be a ‘value add’ for your product. (as far as showing the state of the SAM)

Now features have been add to this new version which only can help you reset windows password, but also can help you disable and enable windows user offline. You can download it from the following link:


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