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How to backup data from Surface pro

Two Three ways to backup data from Surface tablet.

1. Copy files from Surface pro SSD to SD Card or USB flash disk.

If you can start your Surface normally, you can copy the files which you want to backup to external storage media (SD Card, USB flash drive, USB hard disk) without any difficult.

2. Copy files from Surface tablet to computer

Connect your Surface to computer as a storage media, then you can copy the file from the disk of Surface to the disk of your computer.

3. Save the files to cloud storage server.

You can use your Surface connect to the internet and login to Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft oneDrive, REACHit or Apple iCloud, Just Cloud, then you can upload the data to the cloud server. With these cloud storage server, you can access your files any where and any time as long as you can access to internet.

4. Important!  How to backup data from Surface when Surface crash or lost the login password.

This way tell you how to backup data from your Surface tablet when you cannot get into your Surface tablet.

Two options:

1. Use Windows 8 PE to start your Surface and then copy the data. Surface pro use UEFI, and it don’t support boot from MBR, so it cannot run Windows xp pe or Windows 7 pe which use MBR boot.

Step 1: Create a Windows 8 PE disk. See how to create a windows 8 pe live disk.

Step 2: Boot your Surface from the Windows 8 PE disk. See how to boot Surface pro from USB drive.

Step 3: Copy the files from Surface disk to external disk.

2. Use software to reset the password if lost login password.

If you forgot password to Surface, a easy way to solve the problem is that use the password software to create a password reset disk to reset the forgotten password. You can get more detail from Surface Pro forgot password how to unlock.


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