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How to get around Windows 7 password if forgot it

Are you facing a problem that forgot windows 7 login password and looking for an easy way to get around the password. If yes, keep your eye here, and keep reading. This article focus on how to reset or recover a windows 7 login password when forgot it.

If you forgot password and you are locked out of your computer, and want to solve the problem by reinstalling system, I suggest you try the following way to get around windows 7 forgotten password problem before reinstalling Windows.

1. Get around windows 7 password with password reset disk.

password reset disk is created by the User Account Management panel, and it can be use to reset the password when forget the password of any account of the windows. If you have make a password reset disk before you lost login password, you can use it to reset the lost password. For step by step guide, see this article I forgot my laptop password to windows 7, what can I do?

2. Get around forgotten windows 7 password with password software

Without a password reset disk, you can try to get around the forgotten password with a Spower Password Software. Spower Password Software can help you create a password reset disk on another computer, and you can use the Spower password reset disk to boot the locked computer, and reset the lost password for the locked computer. You can visit How to use Spower Password Software to reset windows 7 password to get the step by step guide. Or Get Spower password software and and have a try directly.

3. Get around windows password with free software

Chntpw NT password reset software is the one i have to mention, and it is one of the password recovery programs i want to recommend to you. Chntpw is a free and open source program, and it works as a console program, so it require you to type in command to make it work. With Chntpw image disk, you can create a USB or CD disk, and the the disk to boot the locked computer and reset password for the locked computer. The method 3 of I forgot the password to my computer what do i do? shows you how to get around your windows 7 password with Chntpw program.


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