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How to get past windows 7 password if you are locked out

Lost your windows 7 log on password, locked out of your computer, and finding a way to get past windows 7 password? Forgetting windows 7 password is not a big deal, even your are a computer beginner, you can get around windows 7 password easily with the following ways.

Many people may know the way that format hard drive and reinstall Windows 7. Yes. It is a workable way many people will take it. But it is not a good way to solve the problem when you forgot windows 7 password. As a computer administrator, my suggestion is that you should consider the following ways and the choose one to carry out it.

1. Get past windows 7 password with another account who has administrator privilege.

If you can login windows 7 with another account ,and that account has the administrator privilege, you are lucky. The issue can be get around easily. You just need to log on win 7 with another account, and then use Net User Command to set a new password to the locked user account. In How to get around administrator password for your Windows, it shows how to use net user command to change, create, reset, remove a user’s password.

3. Get past (Reset) windows 7 password with win 7 password reset disk or software.

A win 7 password reset disk is the best tool to reset the lost password if you are locked out of your computer. So check if you have created a win 7 password reset disk and putted it somewhere. If have a win 7 password reset disk, you follow the this way Reset lost password with reset disk.

Unfortunately, don’t have a win 7 password reset disk, however you still can reset get past windows 7 password with third party software – Spower Windows Password Reset Tool. You can get the Spower software and step by step guide in How to use Spower Windows Password Reset Professional

2. Create another account with software to log in windows 7.

This method tell you how to use password software to create a new account with which you can bypass a windows 7 password, and do nothing with the old user account and password. For more information, please see How to bypass Windows 7/vista/xp password.


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