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How to Manage Window Server 2012 Password with Command line

This document describes how to use Command line to Manage (create/change/delete/remove) password for Window Server 2012 local and domain user.

Many methods can be use to create/change/delete/remove user and password on Windows server 2012. This document will show how to use Net User to help you mange user information in server 2012.

The Net User command is an effective command for Manage Windows server 2012 password. Follow the instructions below:

1. Create a new password for Windows server 2012 user: Net user <user name> <new password>.

2. Remove/delete a password for a server 2012 user: Net user <user name> “”.

3. Change/reset password for server 2012 user: Net user <user name> <new password>.

4. To add a user for Windows server 2012: net user <new user name> <new password> /add.

5. To delete a user from Windows server 2012: net user <user name> /del.

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