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How to remove windows 8 password if forgot password

Forgot windows 8 login password and locked out of windows 8? This articles shows you the best ways to remove windows 8 password if forgot password.

How to get into windows 8 if we forget login password? The following tips can help you resolve the password problem if you lost your windows 8 password.

1. Remove Windows 8 password with Spower password software

With Spower password software, you can do a few job to remove the forgotten password for windows 8 in a few minutes. Simple stepsĀ  as follow:

1.1 Create a windows 8 password remove disk with Spower software.

1.2 Access to BIOS and set the locked computer to boot from windows 8 password remove disk.

1.3 Boot the locked computer from password remove disk.

1.4 When Spower password program starts, choose a user account, and remove its password.

1.5 Reboot computer and login without password.

More detail: How to Reset Windows 8 Password instantly if Forgot It

2. Check if you can login win 8 with another administrator account

If have another user account who has administrator privilege, and you can use it to login win 8, you can follow the instructions below to remove the password for the locked account.

1. Login win 8 with another user.

2. Run cmd.exe as administrator.

3. In command prompt, type in: net user <user name> <password>, and press endĀ  to reset or remove the password. to remove password, replace <password> with “”.

3. Create a new user to bypass windows 8 password

If you do not want to make any change to the current user and user profiles, creating a new user and login with new user is a good choice. Spower Windows password reset software special edition can help to create a new user account without login to windows. To get the step by step guide to create a new user account, see How to add a new user to Windows with Spower software


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