Wiindows Password Reset software & solutions

How to reset administrator password with USB drive if forgot it

This post shows you how to reset or recover administrator password with USB flash drive when you forgot your windows administrator password.

1. Download Spower Windows Password Reset and install it to your computer.

2. Create a Spower Password Reset disk with Spower software. Insert USB flash drive or CD/DVD disc, and then follow the wizard to create a password reset disk.

3. Boot the locked computer from Spower password reset disk. You must set your computer to boot from USB drive or CD/DVD drive before doing this step.

4. When Spower Password reset software starts, select an administrator user, and then click “Reset” to set a new password for it.

5. “Reboot” computer to make administrator password reset, and you can login with new password.

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Yes I followed the instructions as outlined installed the software to USB and the. Booted the laptop and entered the bios ensured that the menu allowed it to boot from USB first. Restarted the laptop, it booted from USB, went through the options, set the passwords to blank, followed instructions again, allowed laptop to restart but password was still enabled. I then tried this again and again and again and even tried googling the I strut ions, followed the tutorials etc but no matter how many times I reset the passwords to blank the password is still on it and I can not get on to my laptop. Remove administrator password from my windows 7 home basic. Even tried creating a new user account to access it but when the laptop loads the user account hasn’t been created!!

I have followed your instructions to reset the administrator user password and even redone loaded and installed everything to double check that it was set up correctly and still it is not working.

Reset administrator password with USB flash drive

I have changed the boot agent method in the bios from Dell agent to the BIOS agent. I was able to boot from the USB but get “No Windows was found”. When the server is restarted it does not event boot into windows unless I change the boot agent in the bios to the Dell agent but then I would not be able to boot from the USB.

I have tried to reset the administrator password with the download file. But could not boot. The server I am using is booting using the Dell boot manager. If I try to use to boot from the USB drive, it fails. I have tried to change it to BIOS boot where then it boots from USB but then it does not recognize windows.

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