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How to reset password on HP elitebook 6930p

I have an old HP elitebook 6930p running windows 7 enterprise. This is an
old work computer of my husbands and I want to clean it up and use it run
some card games. He cannot remember the password and there is not admin
account. Which version of your software would I need to get the best results
for this version of Windows?

All versions of Spower Windows Password Reset software work with HP elitebook 6930p and Windows 7. Here I recommend you get Spower Windows Password Reset Professional and use it to create a USB or CD password reset disk to reset the password for your HP elitebook notebook.
You can follow the guide below to reset the lost password for your laptop easily:

1. Get Spower Windows Password Reset Professional and install it to an accessible Windows.

2. Create a USB or CD bootable password disk with Spower software.

More information, see: http://www.windowspasswordsreset.com/windows-password-reset-guide/

3. When power on hp laptop, press F9 to immediately to enter BOOT MENU, and choose USB flash drive or CD/DVD drive to boot from. More detail, see How to set computer to boot from USB drive.

4. Insert password disk to HP laptop, and boot your laptop from the password disk.

5. When Spower software starts, choose a Windows 7 user, and click “Reset” to reset its password.

How to use Spower Windows Password Reset Professional

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