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How to reset Windows 7 password on Mac

I am trying to use my mac to get into my windows 7. I forgot my password right after changing. Can you help me reset my windows 7 administrator password with my Mac book?

Answer: Hello, you can download the file http://www.windowspasswordsreset.com/downloads/windows-password-reset-for-mac-trial.iso, and then follow the guide How to reset or recover windows password on Mac to make a bootable disk to recover your windows 7 password.

Other issues about Windows 7 password and Mac

My problem is that it only downloads an execute program, so when I click on it, it just shows programing. I need to know how to download an iso so I can open it. PLEASE help.
I lost my admin password. I therefore bought windows professional pass word retriever from your site. I downloaded the execute file. But to run it on the computer it is asking for the admin password. Which I don’t know which is the reason it was bought.
I have download the Windows password reset personal as well as the windows 7 password reset professional. I have attempted to use both of these on three computers running Windows 8 and the passwords on all of them will not be removed by WPR. I own a computer repair shop and have purchased your product(s) to supply to my technicians and so far it has worked well with all Windows based computers until recently when the personal wouldn’t access Windows 8, so I purchased the Professional edition (because I must have misread your site explaining what the professional would work on) but of course we still can not access these computers.

Create a Windows 8 password disk On Mac

I see now that only the advanced version will access Windows 8. Seeing that we have purchased both of the other versions recently would you consider selling us the advanced version at lower price? Or is there something else you could do to help us out? It’s a big expense to buy all three when only one is needed.
This worked and let me remove the password on one file but will not let me remove the password from any other files. If I enter the code again it tells me I have 5 credits, so hasn’t reduced the total by the first file I unlocked, but when I try to remove the password the program connects to the server and tells me I have no credits left even though I have only used 1 credit from the 5.

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