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How to unlock my Windows 8.1 tablet password

This post tell you how to unlock windows 8.1 tablet password when you forgot login password to Microsoft Surface, Lenovo/Thinkpad, ASUS, Dell, Onda, or Colorful tablet.


To reset password on Windows 8.1 tablet, you need to create a password reset disk. If you have created a windows 8 password reset disk on your tablet, you can follow this guide reset windows password to solve the problem. If you haven’t create a  windows 8 password reset disk, now you can follow the following guide to create a spower windows password unlock disk windows can help you unlock forgotten password for windows xp/vista/7/8/8.1 on any PC.

Guide to create a Spower windows password unlock disk:

Step 1: Download Spower Windows Password Reset Special to another computer or another tablet, and install it. Tips: You can install Spower Windows Password Reset Special in any version of Windows later than Windows 2000, include 64bit and 32bit Windows.

Step 2:  Insert USB flash disk to the computer which you installed Spower Windows Password Reset Special on.

Step 3: Run Spower Windows Password Reset Special, choose USB Device, and then click Begin Burning to create a Spower windows password unlock disk.

how to create password reset disk on another computer

how to create password reset disk on another computer


Step 4: After finishing Spower windows password unlock disk creation, unplug it and insert it to the locked Windows 8.1 tablet which you forgot password to.

Step 5: Boot Windows 8.1 tablet from USB disk.

To set Surface boot from USB drive, see How to boot Surface from USB drive, or you can refer to How to set your comptuer boot from CD/USB drive quickly

Step 6: When Spower Windows Password Reset Special starts, you can choose a user account and unlock its password.


Step 7: “Reboot” Windows 8 tablet and you can login with the new password.

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