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I have problem on resetting administrator password on server 2008

I am using your software, Spower Windows Password Reset Ultimate, that I just purchased, but it is not resetting the administrator password on my Windows Server 2008 Standard. I booted from the disk and selected the built in administrator account to have the password reset. It was reset to Spower@2011? From what it told me on the screen. I reboot and I am not able to log into the administrator on the local domain nor on the local machine. Can someone please call me with support?

– Hello. We are sorry for any inconveniences it made for you, and do not to be worry about that. You can get the special edition of our software and use it to reset administrator password on Windows server 2008 r2 at once. The bug on the special edition version have been fixed, and it works fine with local and domain user on server computer.

Download Spower Windows Password Reset Special edition for Windows Server 2008 r2.

How to use Spower Windows Password Reset Special:

  • 1. Start Special edition and use it to create a USB or CD/DVD password reset disk.
  • 2. Start the server computer from the password reset disk. Do remember to access to BIOS and set the server computer to boot from USB or CD/DVD drive.
  • 3. When Special edition starts, choose the administrator account from the list, and reset it password.

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