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Locked out of laptop forgot password | How do i unlock my laptop

Help! Locked out of laptop forgot password. How do i unlock my laptop login password without format hard drive and reinstall system. My laptop system  is windows 7, and my laptop is HP Envy.

Have you encountered the same issue as above? And finding a way to unlock your laptop? The guide described in this article to can help recover your laptop login password in a few minutes, just take it. The guide below shows you how to use Spower Windows Password Reset software to unlock laptop password for Windows 7/vista/8/xp/2000, and Windows server 2003/2008.

Guide to unlock laptop password:

  • Step 1: Download Spower Windows Password Reset Professional edition and install it to a computer you can access. If want to recover password for Server 2000/2003/2008/2012, I recommend you get Special edition.
  • Step 2: Create a USB password unlock diskwith Spower software.
    • 2.1 Insert USB flash drive to the computer you can access.
    • 2.2 Start Spower Windows Password Reset, choose “USB device”, and then click “Begin Burning” to create a USB unlock disk.How to unlock dell laptop password
  • Step 3: Access to BIOS and set the locked laptop to boot from USB flash drive.
  • Step 4: Inset USB password unlock disk to the locked laptop and restart laptop.
  • Step 5: When Spower software starts, select a user you want to unlock its password, and then click “Reset” button to remove its password.How to unlock my hp laptop password
  • Step 6: Click “Reboot” button to restart laptop, and login laptop without password.


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I forgot the password to my laptop, and i was locked out of my dell laptop. Does anyone can tell me how to unlock my laptop password without restoring my system to factory mode. I change my laptop password few days ago, but now i try all the possible password i remember, but none of them works. I need a way to get into my laptop without making any data lost. Help please. Thanks in advanced.

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  • Jeecon says:

    I have a Dell latitude d630…I forgot my password and my user is the only administrative account (main admin. Account)…I’m having a hard time with the Bios Key and getting that screen to show so I can set or reset my pw and boot it from the usb reset disk…please help…where do I go from here?

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