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Ophcrack doesn’t work for Windows 10 what to do?

If you use Ophcrack to recover forgotten password for Windows 10, and you find Ophcrack cannot work right with Windows 10,You can try the following ways to fix the issues.

ophcrack windows 10

1. Ophcrack cannot detect the windows 10 on your computer

Because the Ophcrack live cd doest have the SATA Controller driver for your computer, it cannot detect the hard drive or SSD on your computer. You can try the following ways to solve the problem.

Option 1: If you run Ophcrack on your computer, and it cannot detect the windows 10 system, you can set the SATA Controller mode from AHCI to IDE, and try Ophcrack again. See how to set SATA Controller mode from AHCI to IDE.

Option 2: If you computer is a desktop computer, you can take off the hard drive and connect it to another computer who Ophcrack work right with, and then run Ophcrack on that computer.

2. Ophcrack cannot find the forgotten password for Windows 10 user account

If the password is strong, and Ophcrack doesn’t have the rainbow tables for the password, it fail to find the password for user account. So, what you just need to do is to get the rainbow tables and try again.

3. Try other solutions to reset Windows 10 password

If you have try the solutions mentioned above, I recommend you try another software to reset Windows 10 password. Such free software Offline Windows Password & Registry Editor, and premium software Spower Windows Password Reset Tool. More about Spower Password Tool, see
Forgot Windows 10 password on my laptop unlock with premium software.


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