Wiindows Password Reset software & solutions

How to unlock a laptop when you forgot the password

My laptop is locked and i forgot the password, what do i do to unlock my laptop login password? – Somebody usually asked me this question. Here I will shows you a easy way to fix the problem quickly. How to unlock a laptop when you forgot the password? Please keep reading. This guide will […]


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Can i find my windows product key on my computer?

Can i find my windows product key on my computer? Yes. This post describes how to find windows xp/vista/7/8 product key in registry with Vodusoft key finder software. Vodusoft key finder software is an easy to use product key recovery program which can find product for Windows 8/7/vista/xp/2003/2008/2012, MS Office 2013/2010/2007/2003, and other software in […]


How to remove hard disk (HDD) password if it is locked

“I downloaded the Windows password reset, and it still ask for HDD password,I downloaded two recover administrator and reg.download,nothing works.I haven’t used my laptop for about two years,and I forgot the password,even though I didn’t know the hdd password.all that it will do is as soon as I turn on my laptop it ask for […]


How to remove windows 8 password if forgot password

Forgot windows 8 login password and locked out of windows 8? This articles shows you the best ways to remove windows 8 password if forgot password. How to get into windows 8 if we forget login password? The following tips can help you resolve the password problem if you lost your windows 8 password. 1. […]


Locked out of windows 7 forgot password?

“I locked out of Windows 7 forgot password, and now i cannot get in to my Windows 7. I need to get in to my windows and replay email to my customer immediately. I have try to use many password software recover my windows 7 administrator password, but none of them works. All of them […]


Locked out of laptop forgot password | How do i unlock my laptop

Help! Locked out of laptop forgot password. How do i unlock my laptop login password without format hard drive and reinstall system. My laptop system  is windows 7, and my laptop is HP Envy. Have you encountered the same issue as above? And finding a way to unlock your laptop? The guide described in this […]


How to recover win 7 password | Win 7 password reset disk

Forgot win 7 admin password, and was locked out of windows 7? And are you looking for  recovery solutions to recover win 7 password? Don’t upset. Keep reading, and you will get right way to solve your problem. If you set a new password to your win 7 user account, and you do not use […]


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Windows 8 Password recovery reset | No Windows Found

When use Spower password software to recover windows 8 password,and get “No” Windows Found” error, please read the tips to get the solutions. I have a windows 8 computer and i forgot its login password. I use Spwoer Windows password reset software to reset my windows 8 administrator password. I create a password boot disk […]


Windows Server 2003 domain administrator password recovery

Windows Server 2003 domain administrator password recovery problems and solutions. Problem: I keep receiving this error message: “INF File txtsetup.sif is corrupt or missing, status 14. Setup cannot continue. Press any key to exit.” The machine I need to recover cannot boot from CDRom, but I did test this on a few machines where the […]


How to unlock Windows 8 Password if lost it

“I forgot my windows 8 password, and I cannot get into it without a password. What can i do to unlock my windows 8 password? Help, please! I know the way that reinstall system can solve the problem, but i don’t want to do that for the reason that I don’t want to make any […]


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