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How to remove hard disk (HDD) password if it is locked

I downloaded the Windows password reset, and it still ask for HDD password,I downloaded two recover administrator and reg.download,nothing works.I haven’t used my laptop for about two years,and I forgot the password,even though I didn’t know the hdd password.all that it will do is as soon as I turn on my laptop it ask for hdd password,and will not do anything.if I keep guessing passwords after three times it says failed and it locks forgive my spelling.

If the hard disk is locked, how to remove HDD password?

1. The easy way is use the current password to unlock it and remove the old password.

2. If the HDD is locked by an unknown password, you can try to unlock or remove the password by a HDD password removal software. MHDD is a professional hard disk recovery tool which can recover the bad sectors, low format hard disk, re-size hard disk, remove hdd password.

Download link: http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/Hard-Disk-Utils/MHDD.shtml

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