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Server 2008 r2 password Reset not working

Dear Support
I’ve gone through all the steps to reset my domain administrator password using the special edition, and when i boot back into windows normally, the new password did not work.
Any thoughts on this. We really need this software to do what it says its doing.
My domain is a Server 2008 R2 domain and the special edition says it should work with it.


Dear Michael,
We are sorry for that send you the new version so late.
Download link: http://www.windowspasswordsreset.com/…/spower-windows-password-reset-special-dde-cmd-nd.zip
Please use this program to reset password for Administrator account.

Note: The password of administrator will be set to Spower@2011 by default. Additional, a user will be created automatically. The user name is spower, and the password is Aa@123456. You can try to logon with this new user, and then delete it.

Note: When log on screen appears, please wait about 3 minutes, and then type in user name and password to log on.

Hope this version can help you.


Thanks again!
And thanks for you prompt replies!!

I won’t be able to try it until Tuesday the earliest.

My clients office is closed today and Monday.

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Dear support,
thank you for quick reply.
I testing now. What’s weird is that it doesn’t install the software. It runs from the extracted folder instead. Is that normal? or should it actually install onto my PC like an actual program?


Dear Support,

It worked. Thanks so much!!

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