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Surface Pro forgot password how to unlock?

I have a new Surface Pro 3 tablet, and I set a new password for the login account. However, I cannot log in my Surface with the new password. I think I forgot the password to my Surface tablet. I need help to get in my Surface. Does somebody can give me a good idea?

Bonnie     June 13, 2015


Hello, Bonnie, you can try this to unlock your surface pro.  Surface pro 3 uses windows 8.1 system. I think it is the tablet version windows 8 computer, so i think Ophcrack will work fine with it. So, you can download Ophcrack and create a bootable USB disk to unlock the password. See How to make a Ophcrack USB bootable disk, and How to set Surface pro to boot from USB drive. When Ophcrack starts, it will load Rainbow Tables and find the password automatically.

– Edgar   June 15, 2015


A easy way to reset Surface pro password when you forgot it.

A few steps to unkock surface password: 

1. Get Spower Windows password reset tool

2. Install Spower tool and use it to create a Spower password reset disk.

3. Boot Surface tablet from the Spower password reset disk.

4. Unlock password for Surface tablet.

5. Login Surface with new password.

Augus     June 15, 2015


You can perform a factory reset on your Surface pro, but it will erase all data on your Surface. You should make sure you have backup data from your surface or the data on the surface is useless.

Antoine     June 15, 2015



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