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Windows 8 Password recovery reset | No Windows Found

When use Spower password software to recover windows 8 password,and get “No” Windows Found” error, please read the tips to get the solutions.

I have a windows 8 computer and i forgot its login password. I use Spwoer Windows password reset software to reset my windows 8 administrator password. I create a password boot disk and boot my computer ok. However, it shown me “No Windows Found”, and I can to nothing to recover my windows 8 password. Help please!

The software shows “No Windows Found”, because it cannot load the hard drive storage driver and cannot read from the drive. Spower Windows Password Reset PE edition has been integrate lots of drives which support lenovo/dell/hp/acer/nec/sorry desktop computer and laptop.

Steps to recover Windows 8 user password:

1. Download Spower password recovery software.

2. Create a Spower password recovery disk.

3. Boot the locked windows 8 computer from Spower password recovery disk.

4. Recover windows 8 password with Wpower software.

If still have the some problem, You can contact Spower support with support@windowspasswordsreset.com to get Spower Windows Password Reset PE Special edition and get further help.

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