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Windows server 2008 password reset for HP/DELL/IBM/LENOVO raid server

This post shows you how to recover windows server 2008 administrator password on HP/DELL/IBM/Lenovo raid server.

1. Get the Raid version of  Windows server 2008 password recovery software: http://www.windowspasswordsreset.com/windows-password-reset-guide/windows-password-reset-raid-guide.html.

2. Use the password software to create a USB or CD/DVD password boot disk.

3. Boot HP/DELL/IBM/LENOVO raid server from the password disk. Tips: The raid server must be set to boot from USB or CD/DVD disk.

4. When the raid password reset software starts, choose an account and click “Reset” to set a new password to the selected account. Tips: In order to meet the password requirement, the software will offer you a default password.

Tips: With the password reset software, you also can create a new windows user which has the administrator privilege.

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