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Microsoft Outlook Password Recovery

Microsoft Outlook Password Recovery is a professional password recovery application which can help you find the lost password from locked Outlook files when you forget the password.

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Key Feature:

Recover password for Microsoft Outlook 2000/2003/2007/2010/2013/2016 File (*.pst).
Support multi-code CPU and video card (NVIDIA and ATI) acceleration.
Effective - Smart password recovery engine and algorithm can help you recover your lost password in high speed.
Safe - Don't make any data lost.
Easy-to-use. You can use it without professional password recovery knowledge.
Windows 7 home premium password reset software

User Guide

Simple steps to Recover password for Outlook File:

Step 1: Download and install Outlook Password Recovery program.
Step 2: Select and open a Microsoft Outlook File (*.pst).
Step 3: Keep the default option or choose the right option for your password if know the password cracking policy.
Step 4: Click "Start" to recover the lost password.
Step 5: Use the password to open the Outlook document when the password is retrieved.
>>More Detail: Guide to recover Outlook password.


Question: Can I remove MS Outlook 2007 document password with this Outlook password recovery program?

Answer: No. This program can find and retrieve the password of Outlook document (*.pst) only. It does not make any change to outlook document.

Question: Does this software support Express password recovery?

Answer: Yes. It can recover lost password for Express too.

Question: How long does it recover a outlook password?

Answer: Hello. The recovery time depends on the password length and complexity. This software offers several cracking option which can help to reduce the recovery time obviously. If you want to get back the lost password quick, it it necessary to read and understand the user guide.

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  • That is great! It worked very well. I have got my lost password back.
    - Roben
  • Thanks for your patient help. I created a small dictionary and used it to recover my Outlook 2007 password in a few minutes. That is a great software.
    - Even
  • Thanks a lot, Number 1 did the trick. I must have got it wrong the first 20 times I was in the bios :-)
    Thanks to you, I can now use my PC again.
    Best wishes
    - Claus


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