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Forgot Microsoft account password windows 8 reset with Spower disk

March 25, 2015 | by Spower

Forgot password to windows 8 Microsoft account and finding a reset disk or program tool to reset or remove the password? If so, please keep reading. This post tells another way to reset password in windows 8 Microsoft account if you cannot reset the password without the solution described in What to do if forgot windows password.

When you forgot a windows 8 or 8.1 password, you can reset it with reset disk, or reset it online. These methods are detailed on Microsoft official site What to do if forgot windows password, so I recommend you read the guide before you try other actions to fix the problem.

If you have no idea to reset Microsoft account password in windows 8 or 8.1, I recommend you Spower Windows Password Reset Special which can reset password for local user account, domain account and Microsoft account in Windows 8/8.1 and other version of windows.

Details for reset Microsoft account password in windows 8 or 8.1:

Step 1: Download and install Spower Windows Password Reset Special on another windows computer.

Step 2: Run Spower Windows Password Reset Special, insert a USB flash disk to computer, select USB device, and then click Begin Burning to create a Spower reset disk.

Step 3: Unplug USB flash disk and plug in it to the computer which you forgot Microsoft account password to.

Step 4: Setup the locked windows 8 computer boot from USB flash drive. More detail, see how to set computer to boot from USB drive. Tips: If the BIOS of the locked computer is a UEFI BIOS, you can refer to https://craftedflash.com/info/how-boot-computer-from-usb-flash-drive for more detail.

Step 5: When Windows Password Reset Special runs, select a Microsoft account, and click Reset button to set a new password to the selected Microsoft account.

Step 6: Click Reboot to restart your windows 8 computer, and take out the USB flash disk, and then you can login Microsoft account with the new password.

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  • Very good - very good effort - thank you – I was able to add a user with this version of the tool and logon! As long as the user is a member of the administrators group - I was able to reset the password of an existing administrator type account and logon. So it appears the product works fine now. Thanks, the Windows 2003 PE was a nice touch also!
    - Taylor
  • Now I have set password to all account of my PC. I don't want it to be hacked in a few second.
    - Adrian
  • Dear tech support, many thanks for your em ail. It did work. I am able to remove the admin password. Thanks
    - Alfred


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