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Spower SQL Password Master User Guide

This user guide describes how to use Spower SQL Password Master to reset a forgotten password for sa user and other user account of MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/2012/2014.


Guide to reset a SQL server passwrod:

Tips: Before you follow the steps below, we recomend you backup your data base to avoid unexpected issue.

Step 1: Download Spower SQL Password Master and install it to a Windows.

Step 2: Stop MS SQL services. Starts -> All Program -> Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (or 2000/2008/2012/2014) ->Configuration Tools -> SQL Server Configuration Manager, right click SQL Server, and then choose Stop.

Step 3: Click "Open File" button to open master.mdb file.

Step 4: Select a sql user, and click "Reset" to set a new password for it.

Step 5: Start sql services and you can login your sql server with the new password.


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