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About Windows 8 Password Articles and Guide

How to reset password in Windows 8 without disk if I locked out of my computer

Even without a password reset disk, you still can create a password reset disk on another computer and reset windows 8 password when you are locked out of your windows 8 computer.... read more>>

I forgot my Windows 8 password on my laptop how to unlock

Are you looking for a way to recover windows 8 password and wanna get into windows immediately? Don't worry. Two effective solutions are shown for you to recover or reset windows 8 password easily... read more>>

How to login windows 8 without password

Tell you how to login your windows 8 comptuer without password when forget login password.... read more>>


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  • I have reset my Windows 7 admin password. I want to know if this method can be used to reset Windows 2000 admin password? Thanks a lot.
    - Taylor
  • Dear tech support, many thanks for your email. It did work. I am able to remove the admin password. Thanks
    - Alfred
  • Dear support, Ultimate version worked very well..Thank you so much !. I have created a usb password reset disk, and recovered my windows 7 password this morning. Kind Regards
    - Tandogan


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