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How to create windows 8 password reset disk on Linux

This guide helps you create a windows 8 password reset disk on Linux. You can use this password reset disk to boot your windows 8 computer and reset the forgotten password when you locked out of your computer.

Tips: You should make sure that you computer has been installed CD/DVD writer and cdrecord program. You can find cdrecord in Linux setup cd and install it.

The following steps show how to create windows 8 password reset disk on Linux:

Step 1: Download Windows 8 password reset disk iso to Linux computer.

Step 2: CD to the directory where spower_windows_password _reset_special.iso on.

Step 3: On command line windows, type in: cdrecord -v -eject speed=8 dev=/dev/cdwriter driveropts=burnfree spower_windows_password _reset_special.iso.

If step 3 fail to find the cd writer device, you can use cdrecord -scanbus to find the cd writer. Example as follow:

root@wt450:~# cdrecord -scanbus
    1,0,0    100) 'HL-DT-ST' 'RW/DVD GCC-T20N ' '1.07' Removable CD-ROM
    1,1,0    101) *
    1,2,0    102) *
    1,3,0    103) *
    1,4,0    104) *
    1,5,0    105) *
    1,6,0    106) *
    1,7,0    107) *

From the device information above, we can see the device 1,0,0 is the cd/dvd writer. And then we can use command: cdrecord -v -eject speed=8 dev=1,0,0 driveropts=burnfree spower_ windows_password _reset_special.iso to burn the iso image to cd disc.


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