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Forgot Sony laptop password | Sony laptop password reset (recovery)

I forgot my Sony vaio laptop password, how can i do to retrieve the lost password and login my laptop? Someone asked. This article describes three effective and easy use ways to reset or recover the forgotten password for Sony vaio.

 sony laptop password recovery guide

1. Reset the lost password with administrator account.

If you just lost the password of standard account and you can log on with an administrator account, follow the steps below to create a new password:

1.1 Use net command to reset password of an account. Open command prompt, and type in: net user <user name> <new password>. Replace <user name> with your user name, and replace <new password> with a new password. e.g. net user administrator pwd123.

1.2 Reset user password with user manager panel. Open user manager panel: Start -> Control panel -> User Manager Panel, and select an account to reset its password.


2. Bypass Sony laptop password on safe mode- Just for windows xp

If you are using windows xp and you never create a new password to administrator account after windows xp installation, this way can help you to login your windows and reset the lost password within one minutes.

2.1 Press F8 to start windows xp to safe mode.

2.2 On login screen, click Administrator account to log on.

2.3 Follow the instructions solution 1 describes to reset a new password for that account who lost password.


3. Reset Sony laptop password with password software.

Lots of software can reset or recover forgotten password without old password. Here you will learn how to use Spower Windows Password Reset Professional to reset (remove) password for windows 10, 8, 7, vista, xp and 2000 on Sony laptop.

  1. Download Spower Windows Password Reset Professional and install it in a windows.
  2. Create a password reset disk with Spower Windows Password Reset software. Insert USB Flash Drive or CD/DVD disc, and follow the instruction to create a Sony laptop password reset disk.
  3. Plug in password reset disk to Sony laptop.
  4. Enter Sony laptop's bios and set it boot from USB drive or CD/DVD-ROM, and boot Sony from password reset disk.
  5. Reset (remove) password with Spower Windows Password Reset Program - Select an user and click reset button to reset its password.

For more information, see How to use windows password reset

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Please help! I forgot my windows 7 password to my Sony vaio laptop, and I cannot reset the lost password with password reset disk, can anybody tell me how to reset my laptop password with password software? Thanks in advanced.
-- Hello, you can use Spower Windows Password Reset Professional to create a password rest disk, and boot you Sony laptop from password and reset the lost password with password program.

Forgot administrator password of my Sony laptop, how to remove administrator in windows 7 on my laptop? I asked help from Sony tech-support online, they suggested me to backup my data on laptop and restore my windows 7 to factory mode, take my laptop to Sony tech-support center to make it repaired. I don't want to restore my my windows to factory mode, for i don't want to lost any data and don't want to reinstall the program I have installed. I don't want to spend half day to take my Sony laptop to Sony tech-support center neither. Now i need to a way to reset or recovery my laptop password without lost anything. Anyone can help?
-- Hello, with Spower Windows Password Reset Professional, you can reset (remove) the lost password without reinstalling system and losing anything.


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    - Tanylar
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