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Chntpw doesn’t work on windows 2008

Question: Chntpw and Opcrack don’t work on windows 2008, can you help?

I forgot my windows server 2008 domain admin password, and I cannot login my server computer with other accounts. This administrator is the only account with administrator privilege. I try to use Chntpw and Ophcrack to reset or recover the admin password, how neither of then work. Chntpw can detect the windows, but it cannot reset the lost password. Ophcrack fail to found my windows 2008 system, and it cannot do nothing for me. I want to know whether Spower Windows Password Reset Tool works on my 2008 server. I don’t care to pay for it if it can help me solve the problem. Can you help?” – Asked by Malcolm.

Answer: Spower software works fine on resetting password on Sever 2008.

Chntpw and Opcrack work well on windows xp/vista/7, however they may have problems on working with Windows server 2008. Spower Windows Password Reset Raid Edition is a program designed for resetting lost password on Windows Server 2008. It works well with HP, DELL, LENOVO, IBM raid or non-raid server computer. To use Spower Raid Edition to reset password on server computer, you just need a few steps:

1. Download and install it on a accessible computer.

2. Start the software, and use it to create a USB bootable password reset disk.

3. Boot the server computer from the USB bootable password reset disk.

4. Reset the administrator password with Spower software.

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6 Responses to “Chntpw doesn’t work on windows 2008”

  • skdlkagt90 says:

    Chntpw cannot work for windows server 2008, because it cannot read the domain user account from the registry. Domain users are not stored on the registry as windows 7, and vista.

  • ysxwhpie says:

    If Windows server 2008 is not a domain server, and Chntpw cannot detect the windows 2008. The following steps show you to fix the problem:
    1. Disconnect the hard drive from the current computer and connect the hard drive to an old computer which Chnptw support.
    2. Run the Chntpw on the old computer and reset the password for windows 2008 user account.
    3. Reconnect the hard drive to the current computer, and start it with windows 2008, and then you can login with the new password.

  • wfddjntr04 says:

    Chntpw doesn’t work on my Windows 7 computer either. I had to get another password tool to reset my windows 7 admin password.

  • iqrcduq says:

    I used chntpw on my dell poweredge 2950, it couldn’t find the server 2008 system.

  • kztxa says:

    I got it work fine on my 2008 computer.

  • ctgtrknn says:

    Good. I have made it work.

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