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How to unlock Windows 8 Password if lost it

I forgot my windows 8 password, and I cannot get into it without a password. What can i do to unlock my windows 8 password? Help, please! I know the way that reinstall system can solve the problem, but i don’t want to do that for the reason that I don’t want to make any application and data lost.

– How to unlock a windows 8 login password if forget it?

The following guide shows you how to use Spower Windows Password Reset software to unlock windows 8 password.

<step 1> Install Spower Windows Password Reset Professional Edition.

<step 2> User Spower software to create a Spower password reset disk. With Spower software, you can use USB flash drive or CD/DVD disc to create a boot able password reset disk.

<step 3> Boot the windows 8  computer from Spower password reset disk. Note: You must access to bios of your computer and set it to boot from USB flash drive or CD/DVD device.

<step 4> Unlock Windows 8 password with Spower password software. Just select the locked user account, and click “Reset” button to remove the password.

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