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Chntpw doesn’t work on my windows 7 computer how to do?

Question: “Help. doesn’t work on my windows 7 computer. A few days ago, I forgot my password to my windows 7 laptop , and I use Chntpw to change or remove my login password offline. Every time, after removing my log on password and  I reboot my computer to log on screen, it still asks me for password. The following steps are followed to remove my windows 7 password. Does somebody tell me what something wrong I done.” 

Steps to remove my windows 7 administrator password with Chntpw:

1. Downloaded Chntpw boot image file from official site.

2. I used xbunder to burn the ISO image file to a CD disc.

3. I booted my computer from the CD disc. This is OK.

4. When chntpw start, it load driver automatically and detect my hard drive and my windows.

5. I choose a user and remove its password, and then save change to registry.

6. Quit from Chntpw and reboot my computer.

7. On log on screen, when i attempt to log on with or without password, it away says “Incorrect user name or password”.

Chntpw doesn’t work for me. Can anybody tell me what was wrong?

Answer 1: You may done right. Chntpw does not work on your computer actually. You can try to use other password recovery software to recover your lost password, such as Spower Windows Password Tool and Ophcrack.

Answer 2: If your windows 7 user account is a domain user, Chntpw will not work for you. You can ask your server administrator to reset the password of your account. If your user account is a local user account, you can use Spower Windows Password Reset Professional to reset it password. With Spower Password Tool, you just need a few click to reset the lost password and regain access to your computer.

Simple steps to reset windows password with Spower software:

1. Downland and install it to a accessible computer.

2. Use Spower software to create a bootable password disk.

3. Boot the locked computer from the bootable password disk.

4. Reset the lost password with Spower software.

More information: How to reset windows 7 password with Spower software.


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  • Kivn says:

    Yes. I have the same to problem to use Chntpw to rese my windows 8 password.
    However, ophcrack work perfectly on my windows 8 computer.

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