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How to access computer when forgot password

How to access computer when forgot password and locked out of computer? This article will tall you what to do to fix the problem.

Compare with system crashing and hard disk crashing, forgetting computer login password is not a terrible thing. You have many ways to fix the issue and can still access your computer and windows without losing anything. So, come on. Choose one way and take it to get around the problem.

1. Reset computer password with password reset software.

Lots of Windows password software can reset or recover the lost password, here i recommend you two, NT password Tool and Spower Password Reset Tool.

NT password Tool is a free program which can remove local user password for Windows 2000/xp/vista/7/8/2003/2008 offline. So, as long as you can boot your computer from CD/DVD or USB flash drive, you can use this software to create a bootable disk and remove the lost password. For step by step guide, see Remove the forgotten computer with Offline NT Password & Registry Editor.

Spower Windows Password Reset Tool is a effective and easy to use password tool which can reset the lost password for Windows 8/7/vista/xp/2000 and Windows Server 2000/2003/2008/2012 without current password. Except resetting the password, it will not make any change to your computer and do not make any data lost. You can download the program and refer to the step by step guide from How to use Spower Windows Password Reset Professional.

If you want to backup your important data before resetting the lost password, create a PE boot disk and use it to access your computer with login windows. See method 2.

2. Access computer password with Windows PE live disk.

With a Windows PE boot disk, you can start your computer with another Windows and get into computer to backup your important data. You can refer to Get into computer with Windows 7 PE disk.

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