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Forgot Windows xp admin password, how to reset?

"Forgot windows xp password, need help? Few months ago, I created a password for administrator account. Today I want to login to administrator account to install a program, but it tell me that the user name or password is incorrect. I cannot reset the administrator password with standard user. I don't have windows password reset disk. Does anyone can help me?" - Question from ask.com

If forget Windows xp password, you will be locked out of Windows. You can do nothing to your Windows before getting the forgotten Windows password back. How we can recover the lost password? This document will tell you how to reset the forgotten Windows xp password in a few minutes.

Method 1: Use the hidden administrator account to login windows.

If you haven't created a password for the administrator account after installing Windows, you can use this method to login Windows and reset all windows account password, or you should try Method 2.

  1. Start Windows xp to welcome screen.
  2. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL twice quickly to bring out the classic login dialog.
  3. Type Administrator in User Name box, and leave the password box empty.
  4. Press Enter or Click OK to login.
  5. Use the net user command to change the forgotten user password. Open command prompt, type: net user user_name, new_password.

Method 2: Reset forgotten windows password with Spower windows password reset tool.

Spower windows password reset tool has three editions: Professional, Ultimate and Special. All of them can help to reset Windows xp password. Here shows you how to use the Professional to reset windows xp password.

To reset Windows xp password, you just need to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download Spower Windows Password Reset Professional and install it to a windows. Spower Windows Password Reset Professional can be installed in windows 7, 8, vista, xp, 2000, 2003 and 2008. If you install it in Windows vista or Windows 7, I recommend you run installation program as Administrator, and run it as Administrator.

Step 2: Create a bootable USB Windows password reset disk.

Windows password reset usb disk burn screenshot

  1. Launch Spower Windows Password Reset Professional.
  2. Plug in a writable USB drive to USB port.
  3. Click Burn to USB button to burn Spower Windows password reset program to USB drive.
After burning successfully, use this USB drive to boot the locked computer. Tip: Spower Windows password reset professional also support Windows password reset cd disk creation, you can refer to How to create a Windows password reset CD/DVD disk for more information about that.

Step 3: Set your locked computer which you have forgotten login password to boot from USB drive.
If you have trouble in setting the computer to boot from USB drive, you can refer to How to set computer to boot from USB drive for more information.
If you want to boot from CD/DVD-ROM, you can refer to How to set computer to boot from CD/DVD-ROM.

Step 4: Boot your computer (the computer you have forgotten its password) from Windows password reset disk.
Plug in Windows password reset disk to the locked computer, and restart it. Wait for half a minute, the Spower Windows Password reset program will start and ready for you.

Step 5: Reset forgotten Windows xp password with Spower Windows password reset program.
Do the steps below to reset windows xp password:

reset forgotten windows xp password screenshot

  • If you have more than one Windows system on your computer, select the one you have forgotten its password.
  • Select the account which you have forgotten its password. Here we select Administrator.
  • Click Reset button the reset the selected account password to blank.
  • Click Reboot button to restart the computer.

After rebooting, you have reset the forgotten password for your windows xp, you can login Administrator account with an empty password..


Now you can instantly reset windows password:

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"Hello, my dad forgot password of windows xp,. He asked me to help him recover the password. I tried to login with administrator, but went to fail, because the administrator has an unknown password too. Does anyone can tell me how to recover or remove the lost password? The system is windows xp professional. Thanks a lot." - Asked by ChairsNJ

"I forgot my windows xp admin password of my Dell laptop, I cannot change its password with other standard account. Now I want to remove the password of the administrator account. Is there any software or method can do that? Additional, I do not have password reset disk." - Question from yahoo answer.

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  • The Method 1 is very useful. Before reading this article I never know Windows xp has an administrator account with blank password.
    - Andrew
  • Now I have set password to all account of my PC. I don't want it to be hacked in a few second.
    - Bruce
  • I have used Spower windows password reset tool to help my friend reset her Windows xp password.
    - Alva


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