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How to crack Windows 7 password

This article focuses on how to crack windows 7 password with or without windows password software. These cracking tips can help to recover lost login password for your desktop PC and laptop.

Questions about windows 7 password:

I forgot windows 7 password of my computer. I have tried many ways to reset or recover it, but I failed with a message prompts the use name or password is incorrect every time i want to login. What can I to now?


Answers for recovering or cracking windows 7 password:

Answer 1: Hack (reset) windows 7 password with a own write program (script)

Without password software, we also can crack a windows password. If we want to write program like Spower Windows Password Reset, we have to spend several days or much more time on it. That is not what we want. However, we can write a simple script to hack a windows 7 administrator password within an hour.

  1. Download Windows XP PE live cd and burn it to a USB flash drive or CD/DVD disc.
  2. Boot your windows computer from Windows PE boot disk.
  3. Write a script like this:
     Net user administrator password123
    and save it as hack *.bat file.
  4. Edit windows registry to make script run when windows start up. Add the following key items to windows 7 registry offline.
       \Group Policy\State\Machine\Scripts\
       \Group Policy\State\Machine\Scripts\
    "DisplayName"="Local Group Policy"
    "GPOName"="Local Group Policy"
       \Group Policy\State\Machine\
  5. Restart computer and boot it to windows 7. The password of administrator will be hacked when script runs.
  6. Log on administrator account with new password: password123.
  7. Remove script file and delete boot key items from registry.

Answer 2: Crack (recover) windows password with Windows Password Reset Professional.

Windows Password Reset Professional not only can crack (reset) windows 7 password, but also can crack the lost password for windows 10, 8, vista, xp, 2000, 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016. With Windows Password Reset Professional, cracking windows 10, 8, 7, vista, xp, 2000, 2003 2008, 2012 and 2016 password will become more easy and simple.

  1. Get Windows Password Reset Professional (trial version) and install it in a windows.
  2. Install it in a windows (it can be install in windows 2000 or later).
  3. Create a bootable USB or CD password crack disk.
  4. Boot computer from bootable password crack disk.
  5. Crack windows password with windows password reset program.

More detail on using Windows Password Reset Professional: How to use Windows Password Reset Professional.

Answer 3: Crack windows 7 password with Windows 7 Password Reset software

Windows 7 Password Reset can help to create a bootable password disk and recover lost windows 7 password in a few steps. Steps as below:

  1. Download Windows 7 password reset software (trial version), and install it in a windows.
  2. Create a USB or CD password crack disk with windows 7 password reset program. Choose media type:
    how to crack windows 7 administrator password screenshot
    2.1 To create CD/DVD password reset disk, insert CD/DVD disc, and then click "Begin burning".

    2.2 To create USB password reset disk, insert USB disk, and then click "Begin burning".
  3. Press BIOS Entry Key to access BIOS and set computer to boot from USB flash drive or CD/DVD-ROM. More detail, see How to set computer to boot from USB drive.
  4. Insert password crack disk to the computer which you want to hack, and reboot it.
  5. Click Reset button to crack windows 7 password. Select a user and click Reset button to remove its password.
     How to hack windows 7 administrator password step by step guide
  6. Click Reboot button to reboot computer. After rebooting, the password has been cracked.

More detail on cracking (resetting) windows 7 password can be found on this page: How to reset windows 7 password instantly.


If lost windows 7 password of my Dell laptop. I cannot login with Administrator to reset the current user password, because the administrator account is disabled. I use ophcrack to crack my windows 7 password, but the password cannot be found. Is there any other software can be used to recover my windows 7 password..?

I cannot login my windows 7 now. I must have forgotten my windows 7 login password. This is my first computer. I just brought it few weeks ago. Some told me use password software to crack my windows password, but I don't know how to create a password crack disk and set my computer to boot from CD ROM. Can somebody tell me an easy and simple way to recover my windows 7 password..?


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    - Tanylar
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