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How to remove administrator password in windows 7, vista and xp when we forget

This article presents 2 effective, easy and simple ways to remove administrator password in windows 7, vista and xp when we cannot remember the password of our computer.

If you forget windows password, how can you do to get around the lost password. In the following list, which one is the best for you?

  1. Format hard drive and reinstall windows.
  2. Reset windows password with password reset disk.
  3. Ask for help from experts.
  4. Take your computer to computer repair store and make password removed, reset or recovered.
  5. Get password software, and reset or remove the lost password by yourself.
  6. Write a program to reset or recover the lost password yourself.

Here, I will show you the best and fast ways to reset or remove an administrator password on windows 7/vista/xp, thus you can save on time and trouble, and go on with your work.

1. Reset windows 7, xp and vista password with password reset disk.

If you have a windows password reset disk, I think you will known it will be the best password reset tool for resetting password when you forget windows password. With a password reset disk, you can create a new password for your windows account without downloading any software and install any software to your windows, and it will not make any change to your windows. Note: You have to know that all files you encrypted with old password will not be open after resetting a new password.
How to reset windows password with reset disk, this document will show you step by step tutorial to create a new password on windows 7, vista and xp with password reset disk.

2. Remove windows 7, vista, xp administrator password with password software.

Many free programs and premium programs can reset or recover windows password. To use free program to reset windows password, you need to know some knowledge on computer, such as how to burn an ISO file to CD/DVD disc or USB flash drive, and console command. Here I will show you how to use premium software to remove windows 7, vista and xp password in a simple way, which will save on much trouble and time for you, and you do not need to know much on using computer and software.

Now, you can follow the step by step guide to remove windows 7, vista and xp password.

  1. Download Spower Windows Password Reset Professional trial version, and install it to your windows.
  2. Create a bootable password remove disk with Spower Windows Password Program.
    • To create a USB bootable disk, insert USB flash drive, choose "USB device", and then click "Begin burning".
    • To create a CD/DVD bootable password disk, insert blank disk to CD/DVD-ROM, and "CD/DVD", and then click "Begin burning".
  3. Boot the computer from bootable password remove disk. Insert password remove disk to the locked computer, access to BIOS and set your computer to boot from USB or CD/DVD drive, and then reboot computer. Spower Password Program will launch with windows PE boot disk.
  4. Remove administrator account or other account password with Spower password program. When Spower Password Program startup, you will see a friendly UI, as below:

    To remove password of an account, just select an account and click Reset button to remove its password.

Get Windows Password Reset Professional and remove windows password:

Buy Spower Windows Password Reset Professional ($17.95)
Download Spower Windows Password Reset Professional

I forgot my windows xp password, and I don't have a password reset disk. Someone can tell me how to remove the administrator password in windows xp? My laptop does not have a CD-ROM, so i don't want to spend much time to install windows other ways. Now I want to get a software which can create a usb password boot disk and reset or remove my windows password quickly. Anyone can help? Thanks a lot.

I lost the administrator password for my windows 7. Can somebody tell me how to remove administrator password in windows 7? Thanks in advanced. Additional, I am using windows 7 home premium and my laptop is Acer aspire. I have another standard account but I cannot reset the of administrator account with that standard account. I cannot download software and install software with the standard account too.


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  • I have reset Windows 7 admin password on my HP laptop. I want to know if this method can be used to reset Windows Server 2003 and 2008 admin password? Thanks a lot.
    - Tanylar
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    - Chairs


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