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How to make a Ophcrack USB bootable disk

This articles tells you how to write ophcrack on usb flash drive to make an ophcrack bootable usb live disk.

Step by step guide as follow:

1. Download  Ophcrack live image from ophcrack.sourceforge.net.

2. extract all files of ophcrack-vista-livecd-3.6.0.iso to USB drive. We assume USB drive letter is N:.

3. Rename directory I:\boot\isolinux to. I:\boot\syslinux.

4. Rename file I:\boot\syslinux\isolinux.cfg to I:\boot\syslinux\syslinux.cfg.

5 Download syslinux-6.03 from syslinux.org.

6. Copy the following file from syslinux-6.03 pack to USB drive.

  • Copy  syslinux-6.03\bios\win32\syslinux.exe  to i:\boot\syslinux\syslinux.exe.
  • copy syslinux-6.03\bios\com32\menu\vesamenu.c32 to i:\boot\syslinux\vesamenu.c32
  • copy syslinux-6.03\bios\com32\lib\libcom32.c32 to i:\boot\syslinux\ libcom32.c32
  • copy syslinux-6.03\bios\com32\libutil\libutil.c32 to i:\boot\syslinux\libutil.c32

7. Create a temp directory on i:\temp\, and copy the following files to i:\temp\.

  • syslinux-6.03\bios\win32\syslinux.exe, 
  • syslinux-6.03\bios\com32\elflink\ldlinux\ldlinux.c32, 
  • syslinux-6.03\bios\core\ldlinux.sys

7.  cd to i:\temp\, and run command : 

syslinux.exe --mbr --active --directory /boot/syslinux/ --install I:


8. Now you have created an Ophcrack bootable usb disk, you can boot your computer from the USB drive to run Ophcrack to recover your windows password.

Tips: If Ophcrack unable to find the windows, you can refer to the following articles to find the workable solution to recover your windows password.

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