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How to install windows 7 on Intel skylake and Kabylake based computer

This article tells you how to add USB 3.0 and intel RST drivers to Windows 7 installation disc, and install Windows 7 on Intel Skylake and Kabylake (6th&7th generation) based laptop and desktop computer with USB drive.

 install windows 7 on Intel skylake and Kabylake based computer

Because the Windows 7 installation disc doesn't contain Intel RST driver for the Intel Skylake and Kabylake based PC, so the Windows 7 installation program cannot find the hard drive or SSD connects to SATA controller. Also, without USB 3.0 driver, the devices connect to USB 3.0 port work incorrect.

Tool and files you must download:

  1. Download Windows 7 Disc Images (ISO Files)
  2. Download Windows USB/DVD Download Tool and install it

Guide to add driver to Windows 7 installation iso image:

1. Insert a USB flash disk to your computer.

2. Start Windows USB/DVD Download Tool, select Windows 7 Disc Images (ISO Files), and burn the Windows 7 Disc images to USB disk.


For step by step guide, see Using The Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool.

3. Create Folder "drivers" on d:\, and create folder "mount" on d:\driver\.

  • Copy all files on Drivers\Win7\x64 and Drivers\HCSwitch\x64 to D:\driver\.
  • Copy all files on IRST\f6flpy-x64 to D:\driver\.
  • Copy file "USB flash Driver"\sources\boot.wim to d:\driver\boot.wim

Tips: If your Windows 7 installation disc is x86 version, you must copy driver files on x86 folder to D:\driver\.

copy all driver files

Tips: You can find the USB 3.0 driver and Intel RST driver on the driver disc of your computer or mainbord. Or you can find the drivers on official site of the computer vendor. Or you can download driver from here: Intel USB 3.0 drivers, and Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver.

4. Run "cmd.exe" as administrator.

run cmd

5. Switch to D:\, and CD to d:\driver\ folder.

cd to sources folder

6. Mount boot.wim file to d:\driver\mount. Run command: dism /mount-wim /wimfile:boot.wim /index:2 /mountdir: mount

mount image

7. Use the following commend to add USB 3.0 driver and Intel RST driver to image file.

Type in command: dism /image:mount /add-driver /driver:.\iusb3hcs.inf, press Enter.
Type in command: dism /image:mount /add-driver /driver:.\iusb3hub.inf, press Enter.
Type in command: dism /image:mount /add-driver /driver:.\iusb3xhc.inf, press Enter.
Type in command: dism /image:mount /add-driver /driver:.\iaAHCIC.inf, press Enter.
Type in command: dism /image:mount /add-driver /driver:.\iaStorAC.inf, press Enter.

Example: command to add driver to image.

add driver to image

8. Unmount image. Run command: dism /unmount-wim /mountdir: mount /commit

unmount wim file

9. Copy file d:\driver\boot.wim to "USB flash driver"\sources\, and replace the old file.

Boot Skylake computer from the Windows 7 USB installation disc and you will find that it work right. See how to set computer boot from USB drive.

Tips: You can get Windows 7* USB 3.0 Creator Utility to add USB 3.0 driver to Windows 7 USB installation disc, but in my experience, without Intel RST driver, it still work incorrect with Skylake computer.


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