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Word Password Remover - Remove password for Word 97/2000/xp/2003 document in a few minutes

Word Password Remover is a effective and reliable password program which can remove the password for Word 97/2000/xp/2003 document instantly.


Key Feature:

Remove the password for Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP2003 document (*.xls) immediately.
Fast - Remove Word password in a few minutes.
Reliable - 100% success rate.
Safe - Do not make any data lost.
Windows 7 home premium password reset software

User Guide

Simple guide for Word Document Password Removal:

Step 1: Download Word Password Remover and install it to your Windows.
Step 2: Open an Word 97~2003 document (*.doc).
Step 3: Click "Remove Password" to clear the protected password for your Word document.
>>More Detail: Word Password Remover User Guide.
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Lost my Word 2003 password. Word Password Remover and Word Password Recovery, which one is right for me?

Hello, both of them work with Word 2003 document. Word Password Remover can remove the password in a few minutes. However, it only works with Word 97~2003. Word Password Recovery can retrieve the current password for word 97~2003 and 2007 document, but it may take a long time (few hours or few days or more time).


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  • I use your software to remove a administrator password on windows 7 home edition with NTFS partition without formatting the system successfully. Thank you very much.
    - Roben
  • Windows 7 Password Reset is a professional windows password reset tool for those who have been locked out of computer. It is smart to empty the previous password without erasing anything.
    - Keven
  • Thanks a lot, Number 1 did the trick. I must have got it wrong the first 20 times I was in the bios :-)
    Thanks to you, I can now use my pc again.
    Best wishes
    - Claus


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