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Forgot Administrator Password on Your Windows Server 2008 R2?

Please help! Windows server 2008 r2 forgot administrator password, and cannot login my windows server? Need professional suggestion to recover my administrator password and get into my server. - Question from Microsoft forums.

This article was written to help people reset administrator for windows server 2008 (r2) and re gar in access to windows when they forget server 2008 login password.

Questions you will meet:

  • 1. Forgot the server local administrator password, how to do?
  • 2. Forgot a local standard user password, how to login windows?
  • 3. Forgot the domain (active directory) controller administrator password, how to reset or recover?
  • 4. Forgot a standard domain user password, how to do?

If you come across these problem, you can refer to the following method, and use the right one to recover your lost password.

Methods for resetting or recovering a lost password:

1. Reset a forgotten 2008 r2 password via administrator account

If you forget a user password and can login with another administrator account, you can use it to reset any user password quickly and easily.

See Windows Server 2008 r2 administrator password recovery

2. Reset a forgotten Windows server 2008 password with password software

If lost domain or local administrator password, and cannot reset its password with another administrator account, you need to get a windows server password recovery program and use it to create a bootable password disk and reset the lost password with the disk. Many password recovery software can help to do this, such as Spower Windows Password Reset Tool, Windows Password Rescuer.

A step by step guide to reset a lost windows server password, please refer to Windows Server 2008 administrator r2 password recovery with software.

3. Other solutions to recover a forgotten password for server 2008 (r2)

3.1 Many open source program can work with windows server 2008 local administrator password, such as Chntpw, Ophcrack.

3.2 If you can write a script and know how to edit registry offline, you also can boot your server computer with a Windows PE boot disk, and create a vb script to reset the forgotten password.

3.3 Windows server 2008 password reset disk is the best tool to reset the lost password. However many people don't have it when forget login password.


I forgot my domain administrator password for windows server 2008 r2 enterprise, how do i reset it? I install a domain controller on my server a months ago, and set a strong password to the administrator account. This morning, when i type in password and try to login, it says the password is not correct. I cannot reset the administrator password with other account. What do i to do to recover the password for administrator? Help please. Thanks in advanced.

- Hello, When you installed the domain controller, you set a restore password to the domain controller, so you can use that password to login domain if you remember it.

- Windows server 2008 r2 forgot administrator password? Just take this way to reset it. The best and easiest way is to use password software to create a password recovery disk and use it to recovery the lost password offline. Software you can use to recover windows server domain administrator password, Spower Windows Password Reset Ultimate, Windows Password Rescuer Advanced.

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  • Very good - very good effort - thank you – I was able to add a user with this version of the tool and logon! As long as the user is a member of the administrators group - I was able to reset the password of an existing administrator type account and logon. So it appears the product works fine now. Thanks, the Windows 2003 PE was a nice touch also!
    - Taylor
  • Now I have set password to all account of my PC. I don't want it to be hacked in a few second.
    - Adrian
  • Dear tech support, many thanks for your em ail. It did work. I am able to remove the admin password. Thanks
    - Alfred


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