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How to boot computer from USB disk via UEFI mode

This guide tells you a new way to boot your computer from USB disk via UEFI mode. If you want to set your computer boot from USB drive via Legacy BIOS mode, see How to set computer to boot from USB drive

Read more about UEFI and BIOS: See what is UEFI, and what is BIOS.

See if your computer support UEFI.

Guide to boot computer from USB disk via UEFI mode

Step 1: Inset USB disk to computer.

Step 2: Start or restart your computer. When the vendor logo appears, press down Boot Menu key until Boot Menu appears. Find Boot Menu for your laptop.

Step 3: Choose UEFI USB flash disk, and press enter to boot from USB drive.

select uefi usb drive

uefi boot menu


Boot Menu Key Table:

Manufacturer Model BIOS Entry key
HP Desktop, Laptop Esc or F9
DELL Desktop, Laptop F12
Acer   F12
Lenovo Lenovo F12
Gigabyte   F12
MSI   F11
Samsung   Esc or F12
ASUS Desktop F8
ASUS Laptop/ Eee PC (Eee PC 1015, 1025c) ESC
ASUS Notebook. K-series (k25f, k35e,k601,etc.), X-series(x32a,x501a, x502c, x750ja, etc) F8
Gateway   F12
Thinkpad   F12
Fujitsu,Toshiba   F12

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