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I forgot my windows 7 password what do I do to recover it?

"I forgot my windows 7 password on my computer, what do I do to recover it? Help please! This morning I set a new password to my HP computer, but now it say the password is incorrect every time i login. I think i have forgotten the right password. I tried to reset the lost password with windows 7 setup cd, but i cannot get it work. Can somebody tell me what I can do to recover my windows 7 password quickly with or without software? Thanks a lot." - Asked by Microsoft MSDN user.

I forgot my windows 7 password what do I do to recover it?

Do you have ever came across the same problem as above, and are you locked out of your windows, having no idea to get around the forgotten password? Don't upset. The ways shown in this article can help you recover forgotten password for windows 7 and other windows immediately.

I forgot my windows 7 password what to do?

- 1. Recover forgotten password with Spower software

This is a easy and effective Windows 7 password reset way which can help you recover your forgotten windows 7 user password in a few minutes. With Spower password software, you just need a USB flash drive (a cd/dvd burning device and a blank cd/dvd disk is also OK) to create a Spower password recovery disk, and use it to recover the lost password in a few clicks.

Few steps to recover windows 7 user password:

Step 1: Download and install Spower windows password software. Spower password software can be installed in windows xp and later.

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Step 2: Create a Spower password recovery disk with Spower software.

I forgot my windows 7 login password

2.1 To use CD/DVD to create password recovery disk, choose CD/DVD. To use USB flash drive to create password recovery disk, choose USB device.

2.2 Insert USB or CD/DVD disk, and then click Begin burning to create a Spower password recovery disk.

Screenshot of creating a CD/DVD password recovery disk:
windows 7 forgot user login password

Screenshot of creating a USB password recovery disk:
forgot my login password for windows 7

Step 3: Set your windows 7 computer which you have forgotten its password to boot from USB drive or CD/DVD drive.

Step 4: Inset Spower password recovery disk to the locked computer, and boot the locked computer from password recovery disk.

Step 5: After Spower password recovery disk is booted successfully, you can see a screenshot as follow. Then you can follow the instructions below to set windows 7 user password.

i forgot my windows 7 login password

  • Select a Windows from list box if has more than one windows system on your computer.
  • Select a windows 7 user from list.
  • Click Reset button to remove the password for selected user.
  • Click Reboot button to reboot computer.
  • After rebooting, you can login windows 7 with blank password.

Forgot my windows 7 login password, what to do?

- 2. Reset with Chntpw free software

If you have more time and patient, you can try to use free software, such as Chntpw, to reset lost password. To use Chntwpw, you have to create a USB or CD/DVD boot disk by yourself. Now you can follow the steps below to reset windows 7 user password:

  1. Download Offline NT Password & Registry Editor live cd: Chntpw disk for USB, or Chntpw disk for CD.
  2. Burn the Chntpw image to the USB or CD. If you don't have burning software on your computer, you can get XBunder to burn Iso image to CD/DVD.
  3. Set your windows 7 computer to boot from Chntpw boot disk.
  4. Insert Chntpw boot disk to windows 7 computer, and reboot it from Chntpw boot disk.
  5. When Chntpw boot disk is booted from, you can see a white and black screen, and the you can follow the wizard to remove or reset a user's password.
    • 5.1 Choose the partition where windows 7 system in.
    • 5.2 Choose the operation: Remove user password.
    • 5.3 Choose a windows user who you have forgotten its password, and enter Yes to remove its password.
    • 5.4 Save changing to registry.
    • 5.5 Reboot computer and login computer with new password.
Forgot Windows 7 user password, how to reset?

- 3. Reset forgotten user password with install cd

This method shows you how to use Windows 7 install cd to reset forgotten password for windows 7 user.

1. Set your computer to boot from CD/DVD drive, insert windows 7 install cd, and then reboot it.

2. When the message "Press any key to boot from CD..." appears, press a key to boot from install cd.

3. When computer boot from install cd, choose command line repair mode to go on.

4. When a command line windows appears, use net user command to reset user password: Net user <user name> <new password>.

5. When you get the message "The command completed successfully", it means the password has been reset successfully. You can reboot your computer and log on with new password.

Now you can instantly reset windows password:

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"I forgot my windows 7 login password for my laptop, and don't have a install cd to reset the lost password. Does Spower Windows password software can work for me? My windows is windows 7 home basic, and my laptop is HP ENVY Ultrabook 4-1030us."
-- Yes. You can get Spower password software and use it to reset lost password for your HP laptop.

"I forgot my login password for windows 7. I want to knowhow to login to windows 7 when forgot password. Does your software Spower Windows Password Reset Professional can help me to get around the user password and login my computer?"
--Yes. You can follow the guide How to use Spower Windows Password Reset Professional reset the lost password and login your computer.

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  • I have reset my Windows 7 admin password. I want to know if this method can be used to reset Windows 2000 admin password? Thanks a lot.
    - Taylor
  • Before using your password program, what I can do is to format my hard drive and reinstall windows if I forget my windows password. Now I can reset lost password with Spower password program at any time.
    - Adrian
  • Thanks very much. With Spower windows password software, I can reset my windows 7 password without a password reset disk.
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  • Success but with some delays, first DVD failed then CD-R worked then on laptop I need to delete every password for the three listed users but finally got it to get past the login menu . Thanks. Regards.
    - David


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