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Windows Password Problems & How To Do Guide

1. How to reset a windows password?

Many ways can be use to reset a windows password on windows or offline.

2. Spower Windows Password Reset "No Windows Found" or "No system found".

If your are using Windows Password Reset and it prompt "No Windows Found", the reason is that your windows on a special partition, and Windows Password Reset cannot recognize that partition. Don't worry, contact our tech-support with support@windowspasswordsreset.com, and they will send you a special edition which can recognizes special partition, find windows, and reset windows password.

3. Spower Windows Password Reset boot error - cannot boot from CD disc or USB drive.

3.1 If fail to boot from Spower password reset disk, you have to make sure you have set your computer to boot from CD or USB drive right. See How to set computer how to boot from USB drive or How to set computer how to boot from CD/DVD-ROM.

3.2 If boot from usb drive and get a message prompt miss some files, the reason is that our software, USB and the computer are not compatible, you can try again with another USB flash drive, or create password reset disk with CD/DVD disc.

3.3 If you have no idea on dealing with the problem, contact us with support@windowspasswordsreset.com immediately, and we will tell you how to do.

3. Use Spower Windows Password Reset to reset or remove my windows password, does it will make my data lost?

No. It will do nothing to your windows, but reset the password as your reset password on windows control panel.

4. Does Spower Windows Password Reset can find my windows password?

No. Windows Password was encrypted and save on registry, it need much time to attack a encrypt encryption password. Spower Windows Password Reset take an easy way to reset or remove the password in a few minutes.

5. Does any software can retrieve (find) my windows password?

Yes! As I know, Ophcrack is a useful password program that can help to find a unknown password for windows 7, vista and xp, but it may fail if the password is complicated.

6. If lost or forget windows xp password, how to reset or recover it?

See Forgot windows xp admin password. how to reset?

7. I lost windows 7 password on my laptop, how do i get my lost password back?

See Forgot windows 7 password, how to reset or recover.

8. How to recover a windows server domain administrator password by Mac computer?

To reset a domain (active directory) administrator password via a Mac computer, you can get Windows Password Reset For Mac to create a password reset disk, and reset a new password to domain account.

More detail, see Windows Password Reset for Mac

9. Can I reset or recover a domain user password on windows 7/vista/xp with Spower password program?

No! Because the domain user accounts and passwords are store on a windows server computer, the program cannot access a remote server computer without password. To reset a domain user password, Spower program must run on server computer. More detail, see How to reset windows server domain administrator password.

10. I downloaded your App Spower, and followed the on screen instructions to burn a bootable CD. When I went to the PC that I want to start, I entered BIOS, and disabled the hard disk, and set it to boot from the CD. Then I inserted the CD and restarted the computer. It will not boot. I get the following message --> ERROR: No boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed. Am I supposed to do something to make the CD bootable before I run Spower, or is the App supposed to make the CD bootable when it burns the ISO image?

Hello, you can try the following ways to solove the problem:

1. Re-create a password reset disk and try again. You must click "Begin Burning" to create a password reset disk.

2. Try to create a USB password reset disk and use it to boot your computer, and follow the method 3 to set your computer boot from USB flash drive.

3. Try this way to boot your computer:

3.1 Set computer to boot from USB flash drive.

Insert USB Flash Drive to computer and restart the computer. When Vender logo (The first screen) appears, press Boot Menu Key to enter Boot Option Menu, and the choose USB Flash Drive to boot from.

3.2 Set computer to boot from CD/DVD-ROM.

Insert CD/DVD disc to computer and restart the computer. When Vender logo (The first screen) appears, press Boot Menu Key to enter Boot Option Menu, and the choose CD/DVD-ROM to boot from.


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  • I can use the solution 2 to reset my Dell password for windows 7? Answer: Yes, but Dell laptop BIOS Entry Key is F2 or Fn + F1.
    - Taylor
  • Now I have set password to all account of my PC. I don't want it to be hacked in a few second.
    - Adrian
  • Thanks. I have recover my Toshiba admin password. Now I will never worry about forgetting the password.
    - Alfred


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